Donate to the Student Success Endowment!

The Justice Studies student success endowment is over 80% funded. help us reach the finish line and donate for student success!

The Department of Justice Studies is building an endowment for student success. This endowment will generate revenue annually to support activities proven to help the department's students learn, mature, make connections, and graduate onto a path of leadership. Unlike funds for scholarships, or those in other department philanthropic accounts, Student Success Endowment funds will be limited to projects that directly benefit students, supporting special activities that may not be supported otherwise. When money is not available elsewhere, funds generated by the endowment may be used to ensure students get the best experiences possible and to prepare them for lives of service in criminal and social justice.

As a resource that is not dependent upon state revenue, the Student Success Endowment will be there to help students, even in bad economic times, fulfill their dreams of:

  • Attending professional conferences

  • Paying for supplies to build demonstrations of justice practices, issues, or even crime scenes

  • Traveling for the new international experience requirement

  • Working with current and emerging technology

  • Facilitating field trips

  • Launching other important endeavors as needed

To support these endeavors, we are helping the department fund this $50,000 Student Success endowment.

To donate to the Student Success Endowment, simply click the button below, provide your information, and write "Student Success Endowment" in the restrictions field.